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Articles under Revision

“The honest leader effect – Reporting structures influence dishonesty in groups” (with Rainer Rilke, Bernd Irlenbusch, Ori Weisel and Shaul Shalvi)

“Dynamic goal attainment – A formal model and experimental evidence”, Revise and resubmit in Games and Economic Behavior (with Bernd Irlenbusch and Dirk Sliwka) [LINK]

Work in progress

“Norms and guilt” with Kiryl Khalmetski and Dirk Sliwka

“Discrimination in disguise” with Silvia Saccardo

“Affirmative action policies and behavior in promotional tournaments: An experiment“ with Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Martin Kocher

Working Papers

“Helping in teams”, 2014, IZA Discussion Paper 8707 (with Bernd Irlenbusch and Christine Harbring (one part has been used in „Helping under a combination of team and tournament incentives“) [LINK]

„Norms and Guilt“, 2018, CESifo Working Paper No. 6999 (with Kiryl Khalmetski and Dirk Sliwka) [LINK]

Book Chapters

„Unternehmensdatensätze verknüpfen, personenbezogene Daten schützen: Projektbeispiel Effective Leadership” in Weckmüller, H., Exzellenz im Personalmanagement, 2013, Haufe Lexware Verlag (with Albert Henn, Dirk Sliwka and Heiko Weckmüller).